Map Of Arrethtrae (2)
Chessington was once just grassland. Eventually The King determined it to be the home for a city for His people. Under Leinad's guidance, the people of Nan set out from Pyron Mid in a mass exodus and came to the Chessington Valley. These people of the King settled here, and built the city of Chessington. Over the course of history, it housed legends such as Leinad, Tess, Cedric, William, Rob, Bentley, Lijah and Mosiah (Rowan). It had a long and tumultuous history, being overthrown by Moradiah, sacked by the Kergons, attacked by Lord Zane, ruled by the Noble Knights, and finally being conquered by the Dark Knight, Lucius, before The Prince saved it at the end of time. The books end right before The King makes Arrethtrae new, and brings the New Chessington to the New Arrethtrae. Although this is not specifically mentioned in the books, being an allegory, it can be assumed that, just like real life, this will happen to Arrethtrae as well.