A Moshi Beast is a dangerous little critter, though it may seem harmless at first. They can eat up a person or other large animal, one small painful bite at a time. Moshi Beasts usually go around in large groups, allowing them to overwhelm their prey. These animals are skittish and easily frightened, but also very persistent, staying with their prey for hours on end until it has been slowly devoured.


It has brown fur, a short tail, and black stripes zig-zagging up and down from the front of its body to the end of its tail on both sides. Its ears are large for the size of its head and it is the size of a squirrel.


These creatures are first mentioned in the book Kingdom's Dawn. It was a practice of Lord Fairos to leave victims strapped to the ground in the Banteen Desert as a form of execution, allowing the Moshi Beasts to finish them off. It would seem, though, that the nature of the "Moshi Beast" was unknown to Lord Fairos or at least to those under him.
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A Moshi Beast